C Tokens

#CTokens , #TokensInC

Each and every smallest individual unit in C programming is known as C tokens OR each and every term used in C programming is called C Tokens

In other words, the symbols, words, numbers, etc. which are used in writing a C program are known as C tokens.

For example - void, {, printf, main, 34, etc.

In C programming C tokens are divided into six below listed categories/groups.

  1. Keywords [eg: int, while]
  2. Identifiers [eg: main, total]
  3. Constants [eg: 10, 20]
  4. Strings [eg: “total”, “hello”]
  5. Special symbols [eg: (), {}]
  6. Operators [eg: +, /,-,*]

Note: You will study all C Tokens in detail in upcoming chapters.


Example Explanation

In above example, used C Tokens are..

  • Keywords → int
  • Identifiers → main, a, b, result
  • Delimiter → {,}, (,)
  • Operators → +

Note: combinedly int, main, a, b, result, {,}, (,), + are called C Tokens.

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