Where to watch The Rational Life Chinese drama with Eng Sub?

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The Rational Life | Chinese TV Drama

The Rational Life is a Chinese television drama series directed by "Hsu Fu Chun" that officially premiered from 31 March 2021 to 4 May 2021 on Hunan TV & Mango TV original network in China as well as with English subtitles for an international audience.

Basic Profile of The Rational Life Series

  • Name of Drama: The Rational Life
  • Other Names: The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love, Li Zhi Pai Sheng Huo, Wu Fa Lian Ai De Li Zhi Pai 
  • Directed By Hsu Fu Chun
  • Screen Written by Chen Tong & Long Xiao Shan
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Original Languages: Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Subtitles: English Subtitles
  • Number of Episodes: 35 Episodes
  • Released Date: March 31, 2021 - May 4, 2021
  • Aired On Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV, Mango TV
  • Running Time Duration: 45 minutes/episodes
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Business, Workplace

Cast & Crew of The Rational Life Series

Synopsis of The Rational Life Series

The Rational Life Chinese television series follows the story of Shen Ruo Xin, who is a thirty years old professional. She decides to take a stand against unfair societal expectations at her workplace and she finds herself drawn to two different men, one her trusted, younger assistant, and her bachelor boss. She is trying to know to consider a 'leftover woman' weighs heavily on her. 

Watch The Rational Life Drama with Eng Sub

If you are looking to watch The Rational Life TV series with English subtitles then you can find this drama series on Netflix with English subtitles. Actually, this drama currently not available free with English subtitles but maybe after some time, they will be released this series on YouTube channel with English subtitles.

Watch Trailer With English Sub

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