Which is the best ITI college in Mirzapur?




ITI Colleges in Mirzapur

There are many ITI colleges available in Mirzapur, but among all of them, the government ITI Mirzapur is best for the ITI certificates as a comparison to private colleges. I don't have much idea about it, So the list of ITI colleges including both private and government are listed below one by one, find a better option for yourself.

List of 26 Best ITI Colleges Available in Mirzapur

  1. U P Tech Private ITI
  2. Gajraj Singh Private ITI
  3. Shaurya Private ITI, Bihasara Kala
  4. J P Private ITI Mirzapur
  5. D B D Private ITI Mirzapur
  6. Rajesh Neelam Singh Private ITI Mirzapur
  7. Shivdaya Private ITI
  8. Sadguru Atmadas Private ITI
  9. Shivlok Private ITI
  10. S K S Private ITI
  11. Babu Ghanshyam Singh Private ITI
  12. Santushti Private ITI
  13. Krishnawati Private ITI
  14. J P Private ITI
  15. Krishnawati Private ITI
  16. Shree Babu Ghanshyam Singh Private ITI
  17. Soni Vikas Private ITI
  18. Tridev Private ITI
  19. Shree Shambhu Narayan Singh Private ITI
  20. Ram Narayan Singh Private ITI
  21. New Global Private ITI
  22. Shri Akshaibar Nath Singh Private ITI
  23. Ajeet Kumar Singh Private ITI
  24. Shakti Private ITI
  25. Tathagata Private ITI
  26. Tara Devi Private ITI

Govt & Private ITI Mirzapur Trade/Courses

  1. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant
  2. Fitter
  3. Turner
  4. Electrician
  5. Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning)
  6. Surveyor
  7. Electronics Mechanic
  8. Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)
  9. Welder
  10. Plumber
  11. Cosmetology
  12. Fashion Design & Technology

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Vineet Singh

I don't think there is any good ITI college in Mirzapur, If you want ITI certificate then it's ok you can join any ITI college in Mirzapur but if you are really serious about learning then personally I don't think there is any good ITI college in Mirzapur. Try to move to another city if you really want the quality of education.

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