What are the facts about planets?

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Important Facts About Planets:

Venus -

  • Brightest & Hottest Planet
  • Evening and Morning Star
  • Nearest Planet to Earth
  • Slowest rotation in the solar system
  • Earth's Twin

Neptune -

  • Coldest Planet
  • Farthest Planet from Sun
  • Slowest revolution in the solar system

Mercury - 

  • Faster revolution in the solar system
  • Nearest Planet to Sun
  • Smallest Planet

Jupiter -

  • Biggest Planet
  • Faster rotation in the solar system

Earth - Blue and Densest Planet

Mars - Red Planet

Deimos - Smallest Satellite

Titan - Only Satellite with an atmosphere like Earth

Uranus - Green Planet

Sirius - Brightest Planet outside the solar system

Proxima Centauri - Closest star of the solar system

Ganymede - Biggest Satellite

Saturn - Planet with the maximum number of satellites

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