Where to watch Thai series My Ride with eng sub?

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21 April 2020

My Ride | Thai BL Series

My Ride is an upcoming Thai television BL series directed by Nam Krittidech Sinjermsiri and written by 'Fluke Teerapat Lohanan'. The series is set to release on LINE TV original network in Thailand as well as with English subtitles for an international audience.

Basic Profile of My Ride Series

  • Name of Series: My Ride
  • Other Names: "My Ride, I Love You",  Love My Mister Ride
  • Screen Written by "Fluke Teerapat Lohanan"
  • Directed by "Nam Krittidech Sinjermsiri"
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Original Language: Thai
  • Subtitles: English Subtitles
  • Number of Episodes: 8 Episodes
  • Release Date: ??
  • Air on Day: ??
  • Original Network: LINE TV, LINE TV
  • Running Time Duration: ??
  • Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Breakup

Cast & Crew of My Ride Series

Synopsis of My Ride Series

My Ride series follows the story of one person who is a doctor and the other is a motorcycle taxi driver. Doctor Tawan often hires Mork to drop him at his boyfriend's apartment. One day, when Mork knowingly makes Dr. Tawan late for his date, Dr. Tawan finds out that his boyfriend has been cheating on him. After the doctor breaks up with his boyfriend, he and Mork begin to get closer.

The story of this is completely all about friendship, breakup, and love that began between a passenger and a rider.

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