What is the list of upcoming Thai BL Series in 2022?

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Thailand BL Industry

According to online resources, Thailand is one of the countries that only produced 75% of the BL series every year as compared to other countries like China, South Korea, Myanmar, Japan, the Philippines, etc... 

These mentioned countries like ChinaSouth KoreaMyanmarJapan, the Philippines, etc...are started to produce BL series in deeply the previous two-three years BUT Thailand has always produced the best BL series of all time.

List of Upcoming & Released Thai BL Series in 2022

  1. Between Us (Thai Version)
  2. My Last Love
  3. Absolute Zero
  4. My Imaginary Boyfriend
  5. 2 Moons Season 3
  6. Fhalanrak
  7. Brocon
  8. Dear Cupid, Please Come To Get A Subpoena
  9. Dear Doctor, I'm Coming For Soul
  10. In My Mind
  11. May I Love You
  12. My Engineer Season 2
  13. Teddy Bear Miracle
  14. Zero
  15. KinnPorsche
  16. Love Mechanics
  17. Secret Admire
  18. Bad Buddy  
  19. Baker Boys
  20. Bed Friend
  21. Bite Me
  22. Cutie Pie
  23. Enchanté
  24. Eye Contact
  25. Game On
  26. Loveless Society
  27. Love Of Time
  28. Lovin' U
  29. Middle Love
  30. Motor-Cycle
  31. My Ride
  32. My Single
  33. Not Me
  34. The Player -------- Also check the ongoing Thai BL series

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