What are the list of upcoming Thai drama in 2021?

By: Mid Mike | 22 March 2020



11 June 2021

Thai Dramas & Series

Nowadays lots of peoples are like to watch Thai television dramas and series including the BL series too & it becomes popular. So here we are trying to list some upcoming Thailand romantic dramas and series in 2021 (this list mentioned according to June 2021, maybe the release date of drama & series will change). Worry not, let's see the list of upcoming dramas & series below:

List of Upcoming Thai Drama & Series

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Himkar Ruaniya

18 May 2020

List of Upcoming Thai Tv Drama & Series in 2021

Hey Guys! This list mentioned according to May 2020, Actually, these are the Thai Tv series which is upcoming in the starting year of 2021 and in the middle of the year, Hope you guys like this list watch it.

  1. Absolute Zero (2021, The Series)
  2. Hemp Rope or Between Us (2021, The Series)
  3. My Imaginary Boyfriend (2021) – From the author of "My Ride: I Love You" BL series comes to the supernatural-romance between an ‘imaginary’ being and a young man. 
  4. Manner of Death (November 2020 to March 2021, The Series)
  5. Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma
  6. Boys Over Flowers or F4 Thailand (Thai Version), is adopted from Korean drama of the same name "Boys Over Flowers"

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