Which are the best IB Schools in Bangalore?

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KareesmaDas, lives in Bengaluru

Best IB Schools in Bangalore

Nowadays every parent wants a better education for their children, There is no doubt International Schools plays a very effective job in providing a great education to the children. In Bangalore there are too many IB Schools, if we have a lot of choices then a lot of confusion arises in our mind about which is the best among them. I'm living in Bangalore from my childhood, I completed my education in Bangalore and now I'm also a mother of 2 children. If you are a mother then definitely you will think to provide the best education to your children, I visited may schools, so that I can decide which is a good school for my children. I visited more 12 IB Schools in Bangalore and I found this result.

List of Top 10 IB Schools in Bangalore

  1. The International School Bangalore
  2. Indus International School
  3. Greenwood High International School
  4. Legacy School
  5. Jain international school
  6. Stone hill international school
  7. Canadian International School
  8. Oakridge International School
  9. Trio World Academy
  10. Candor International School

I have prepared the above list based on various things like campus, quality and variety of food, sports, cultural activities, hostel facilities, golf course, etc.

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