Which are the top 10 books for SSC CGL?

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Dipak Verma

Best Books for SSC CGL

It's is very important to understand which book is good for preparation. Everyone's learning capabilities are different so before deciding to buy a book you should need to understand your strengths and weakness. If you are not aware of this then it will waste your time and effort.

When I was a student, I'm was not good at learning BUT I cleared SSC CGL on the second attempt. In the first attempt, I was no idea how to prepare in the best way, as I was a weak student so I was unable to creak SSC CGL on 1st attempt. After the 1st attempt, I analyze myself about my weakness, I found that my basics are not strong so I left everything for two months and started works on my basics like calculation basics, solving speed, and other short techniques.

After improving my basics I was able to understand other concepts, now I was ready to understand any book. I solved many books but I'm going to list the top books which help me a lot.

Most Important Books for SSC CGL

  • Aptitude - RS Agarwal Objective
  • GS - Lucents subjective

For Mathematics

  • Lucents higher math
  • Math book of KD campus

For English

  • SP Bakshi Objective English
  • Plinth to Paramount

List of Previous Years Papers 

  • Rakesh Yadav previous papers 
  • Kiran previous papers 

The above-listed books are enough to creak SSC CGL but you have to solve these books as many times as you can. The most important thing is you have to solve the problems, if you are not solving problems then it will be very difficult to creak SSC CGL.

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