Top 5 best cities for Python Training in India

LAST READ: APR 17 2024 | Author: KON KING

Python is the most popular programming language nowadays; According to me top 5th cities are Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Delhi; more details mentioned below:


  1. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - There are many excellent institutes are available for all latest technologies base training institute in Hyderabad. The fee of the training institute less than compared to other cities because of the trainer; all trainers are working in good companies and they have lots of work experience and excellent knowledge.
  2. Bangalore, Karnataka - Bangalore is the 2nd most popular city for IT training after that Hyderabad with including technologies like Java, Python, .NET, C#, Digital Marketing, Big Data Hadoop, Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, etc.
  3. Pune, Maharashtra - Maximum all  Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore training institutes have branches in Pune for all latest technologies mainly Python. Then we can say that Pune is also a good place for IT technology Training.
  4. Delhi - Delhi is a flexible city to visit for north Indian students for IT Training; most of all big training institutes have a branch in Delhi all over India. May be Delhi is the capital of India and it is also a Big IT Jobs and Training Hub.
  5. Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Chennai is a full IT development city after Bangalore & Hyderabad. All the best IT companies are available in Chennai location, the best place to get a developer job if the job search has good knowledge and command of technology.

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