Which is the most popular programming languages 2020?

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According to my experience, you can not say that this course is good and this is not good, every course has its own advantages and disadvantages, It totally depends on you, your situation and interests especially when you are living in India. As we know India has a huge population so competition is higher than in other countries. I think you should choose the course according to your situation, it may be from one of below...

1 - Future scope is good but current fewer openings 

There are some courses which will be in great demand in the future, but nowadays there are fewer openings in those courses. For example, Python, as we know it is a great programming language, but there are fewer openings in Python in India especially for fresher. If you are choosing these types of courses then you have to do more hard study to get a job but in the future, it will give you a great return.

 2 - Current scope is good but in future it will be average

In the course of this type, you will get a job easily than 1st condition, the course like Java, C#, Asp, etc. you will get the job easier but we can't think more about the future in these courses.  

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Java Language with SQL Database

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