How to write a resume for freshers?



Neelesh Misra

Resume for freshers

A resume is your display book, as we know the first impression is the very important and resume is your first impression. Everyday companies HR see a lot of resumes and they spend less than a minute to see a resume, so it's very important to write a perfect resume which can attract HR. Here I'm going to share my experience that how to write a good resume for fresher. Make sure your resume must be clean and well-formatted. See below points, I.m going to mention one by one.

  • Resume must be either in word or pdf format, prefer word format. 
  • At the top of the resume, left or right side, prefer top-left mention your name, email, and phone number.
  • After name, email and contact number write your career objective.
  • A career objective should not be copied, write a career objective according to your goal, your strength and it should not be lengthy.
  • After the career objective mentions your educational qualification with %.
  • After qualification mention, your skills, don't mention any skill which you don't know, this and next points are very important mostly HR use to see this point and next point. Try to mention skills according to the job requirement, for example, suppose if a company is hiring for Java developer then mention Java very first in your skills section. 
  • After skills, the next section is certifications, mention your all certifications according to job demand, suppose if you have done Java and UI certification and the job is for UI then mention UI certification first in the certification section.
  • Above all section must should be on the first page of your resume, it should not be extended on 2nd page because of these are most noted points in your resume, these should be appear in the first look of the resume.
  • Now after these above points, you can mention your project, extra curriculum, hobbies, and your address.
  • Hobbies should be interesting, not just like the movie, songs, sports, something which can help to improve your work, for example, writing funny codes, learning new technologies, etc. means something which shows that you are the person which is made for that job only.
  • In Address mention, your current address means where you are living right now, it may your PG, Hostal, room or whatever

Note - Keep your resume clean, mention only valid information, never mention a skill which you don't know, If you are applying for different - different profiles then prepare the resume according to the job profile means don't use the same resume for all profile, make the resume profile oriented. 

I hope my experience will help you to write a good resume.


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