How to prepare for online exam test?

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Ashok Singh Verma

Prepare For Online Exam

Nowadays Mostly, All government, technical, non-technical companies started to take exams online. Actually, the Online exam is very flexible and useful as a comparison to the exam on paper BUT lots of student-facing problems on online exams mostly those students who have not taken any practice test before the exam.

So, here we are going to write some tips which will help you to take any online exam such as practice test or exam test first time BUT before start the tips some important documents are really very important like:

  • Bring Hall Ticket OR Admit Card
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • One Government ID Proof (Like - PAN, ADHAR, PASSPORT, Voter ID, etc)
  • One PEN (You can bring one than one Pen)
  • Don't bring any paper sheets to the exam hall

Actually, they will provide some paper sheets for rough or solve problems like mathematics, physics, etc...

Basic Requirement For Online Exam

Hey Guys! here we going to list some basic requirements of if you are going to practice online exam in-home, college by using system OR anywhere by using a smart Mobile phone:

  • Firstly, find a platform name where you can easily practice online exams free of the cast (For example IndiaBix, On This Site, etc...)
  • The second requirement, one computer system (Like - Laptop, Desktop) OR smartphone (Like - Android, Windows, iOS, etc...)
  • Internet Connection (Like - Cable Connection OR Mobile Data connection OR Wi-Fi Connection)
  • Basic knowledge of computers (Like - Keyboard, Mouse, WordPress, etc...)
  • If you are using Mobile Phone then a basic knowledge of the SmartPhone is required like 'how to use it, 'how to connect to the internet by using mobile data, mobile monitoring process, etc...

BUT If you are in the exam hall then all mentioned facilities they will provide, you just go on in exam hall on the time and read all mentioned instructions carefully one by one which related to your exams:

Instructions Before Starting Online Test

  • Total given time duration for the test (e.g - 2 hours or 120 minutes, etc.)
  • Time duration of a particular question (It will apply in some questions according to exam type)
  • Questions pattern & options (Like - four options for a question, etc.)
  • Marks for a particular question (e.g - 4 marks for one right answer, etc.)
  • Negative marking (e.g: .25 marks cut from one right answer if you give one wrong answer, etc.)
  • Fill in your personal details carefully if required then (e.g - name, registration number, mobile number, etc.)

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Needhi Kausal

Before taking an online exam for Job Interview OR Government Job position; I suggested you take some model Online tests and practice a minimum of 10 times. 

There are lots of site s providing online practice test like reasoning test, aptitude online test OR any technical technologies base test (Java, PHP, .NET, etc)

In this site; it also provides online practice test; take it and test yourself first how is your preparation for the topics which one you learn today

Thank You!

Good Luck For Your Exam;

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