Where to watch Low Frequency Thai bl series with Eng sub, released date, and full cast list

Author: Simi

Low Frequency | Thai BL Series

Low Frequency is a Thai romantic television bl series that is also known by other names such as Khluen Khwam Thi Tam. The story of the series is adapted from a novel with the same title.

Basic Profile of Low-Frequency Series

  • Full Name: Low Frequency
  • Other names: Khluen Khwam Thi Tam
  • Country: Thailand
  • Original language: Thai
  • Released date: July 2023
  • No. of Episodes: 8 Episodes
  • Air Day: ??
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

Full Cast & Crew List of Low-Frequency Series

Synopsis of the Low-Frequency Series

Follows the story of Mon's life as a spirit-seeing interior decorator is full of headaches. On good days, he helps settle problems for his relative, who is a star manager but he then gets involved with the spirit of Thames, a famous young actor whose body is lying unconscious in a hospital.

Now, it seems like the Thames' spirit doesn't want to be just a soul that comes to ask for accommodation from Mon but also acts like his karma every time.

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