The Influential (Thai Drama): Full Cast List, Story Plot, Release Date, Filming Locations, Budget, Updates

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The Influential | Thai Drama

The Influential is a Channel 7 original action and romantic Thai drama. The first episode of the drama was released on 28th December 2022, it has a total of 10 episodes. The drama is directed by the popular actor and director Oliver Bever whereas the celebrities Louis Hesse and Cartoon Natcha Boonpong played the lead characters of the drama.

The Influential Thai Drama

The Influential (2022) Synopsys (Plot, Story)

The story of the romance-action Thai drama "The Influential" is adapted from the novel Khwang Thang Puen, the novel is written by Tri Petch. In the drama, a hired soldier's sibling gets back to look for reality behind his more established sibling's strange demise. The inquiry is made perilous by strong foes. He should utilize his abilities in fighting a considerable number of perilous enemies to carry equity to his sibling. Regardless of whether the cost is his life, he will disrupt the general flow of their weapons to vindicate his sibling. In any case, he shouldn't even need to battle alone; he has companions prepared to battle close by him to reestablish harmony.

The Influential 2022 Profile

  • Drama Name: The Influential
  • Other Name: Khwang Thang Puen
  • Country: Thailand
  • Total Episodes: 10
  • Running Time: 45 Min
  • Original Network: Mono 29
  • Original Language: Thai
  • Genres: Action, Romance
  • Subtitles: English, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Urdu, Filipino, Tagalog, etc.

The Influential (2022) Full Cast List

In the action-romantic Thai drama The Influential, the actor Louis Hesse has played the male role character and his character's name is Ekarat Daensuang whereas actress Cartoon Natcha Boonpong is the female lead and her character's name is Cartoon Natcha Boonpong. The full cast list of the drama is listed below.

The Influential (2022) Creator (Crew) Cast List

The Influential is an action-romantic Channel 7 network original Thai drama. The drama is directed by popular Thai actor, director, and filmmaker Oliver Bever, we have seen his outstanding works in dramas like Miraculous 5 (2022), Mue Nuea Mek (2017), The Wand Warrior (2021), etc. The creator's list of the drama "The Influential" is mentioned below.

How to Watch The Influential 2023 Online?

The drama can be watched on the Thai television network Channel 7, apart from this, to know how this drama can be watched online for free or with a paid subscription you can follow this link.

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