How many drama-movie have Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young done together?




Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young Drama

Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young

Kim Seon Ho is a South Korean actor, he is worldwide popular for his outstanding acting in the drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2022).  Moon Ga Young is a leading Korean actress and model, she gained popularity with the Korean drama True Beauty.

Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young look great together, they have done several dramas and commercials. The on-screen chemistry between them is out of the box, you will feel it when you will watch them together in the drama. Here you will get the list of all dramas, movies, and tv shows that Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young have done together but before that let's see their individual popular dramas.

Kim Seon Ho Popular Drama List

Moon Ga Young Popular Drama List

Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young Dramas Together

Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young Dramas have worked together on several dramas, and some of their upcoming combined dramas are yet to be announced. Let's see the all dramas in which they have worked together.

1. Find Me in Your Memory

Find Me in Your Memory is a South Korean romantic drama, it is an MBC network original drama and the drama was released in March 2020. In the drama, Moon Ga Young was the female lead and her character name was Yeo Ha Jin whereas Kim Seon Ho was a guest role (Ep.1) and his character name was Seo Gwang Jin. The drama has an outstanding story but if you want to see it for Moon Ga Young and Kim Seon Ho combined then there is nothing special in the drama.

2. Eulachacha Waikiki 2

Eulachacha Waikiki 2 also known as Welcome to Waikiki 2 is an outstanding South Korean comedy-drama, it is the second season of this drama series. In the drama, Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young are the male and female leads and their characters' names were Cha Woo Shik and Han Soo Yeon respectively.

They look very beautiful and charming together and the onscreen chemistry between them is mindblowing. If you are a fan of them then you should keep this drama on your must-watch list.

Yet, Kim Seon Ho and Moon Ga Young have done above mentioned two dramas together, if in the future they again work together I will reupdate my answer and will mention the new one in the answer. You can also check my answers for the combined dramas of celebrities

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