Where to watch Unexpected Falling Chinese drama, Release Date, Full cast list

Author: Shonalika Madhur

Unexpected Falling

Unexpected Falling (2023) | Chinese Drama

Unexpected Falling is an announced and upcoming Chinese television drama series in 2023 with the star cast of Peng Guan Ying Elvira Cai in leading roles.

This upcoming drama maybe comes out in 2023, actually, right now does not have sufficient information related to the confirmed release date, day, time, and many more. So, check this article again after some days later and find more details below such as the full cast list, where you can watch it, synopsis, etc.

Unexpected Falling Basic Profile Details

  • Drama Name: Unexpected Falling
  • Drama Season: Season 1
  • Other Name: Bu Qi Er Zhi, Unexpected Met 
  • Country: China
  • Total Episodes: 40
  • Running Time: 45 Min
  • Original Network: NA
  • Original Language: Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Genres: Love, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Unexpected Falling Synopsys (Story)

Ruan Zhen has carried on with a basic and cheerful existence under the security of her monetary master spouse. Everything vanishes instantly after the demise of her better half. Constrained out of her air pocket, Ruan Zhen is passed on to bear a tremendous measure of obligation. Out of nowhere, legal advisor Gao Jun strolls into her life. Ruan Zhen might be blameless however she isn't idiotic. She stays on high alert even with the abrupt gatecrasher and still has lingering doubts about his excitement to help. Will she at any point open up her heart?

Unexpected Falling Creators (Crew) List

The popular screenwriter Xian Cheng has written the drama screen, we have seen her outstanding writing skills in dramas like The Confidence (2020), Fighting for Love (2022), Go Princess, Go! (2012), etc. The creator's list of drama Unexpected Falling is mentioned below.

Unexpected Falling Full Cast List

In the drama, Peng Guan Ying is playing the male lead character of "Gao Jun" and Elvira Cai is playing the female lead character of "Ruan Zhen Zhen" whereas celebrities Yang Yi Tong, Li Nai Wen, and Wang Jin Song can be seen while playing important characters. The full cast list of the drama Unexpected Falling is mentioned below.

Unexpected Falling Release Date

The release date of the drama Unexpected Falling is not announced yet, the drama is expected to be released in early 2023. Once the official release date gets disclosed, we will mention it here.

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