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Ask the Stars

Ask the Stars

Ask the Stars is an upcoming South Korean Drama set to be released in early 2023. Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin have been selected as the male and female lead characters of the drama. The popular Korean female screenwriter Seo Sook Hyang has written the story whereas the drama is being directed by Park Shin Woo.

This article contains brief details about the KDrama Ask the Stars that including the full cast list, creators list, filming locations & status, budget & collection, release date & all other recent news and updates about the drama. Let's see the all details of the drama step by step.

Ask the Stars Profile

  • Drama Name: Ask the Stars
  • Other Name: When the Stars Gossip
  • Country: South Korea
  • Total Episodes: Not Yet Disclosed
  • Running Time: Not Yet Disclosed
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Original Language: Korean
  • Genres: Romance, SiFi, Comedy
  • Sub Titles: English, Hindi, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Filipino, Urdu & More

Ask the Stars Story Plot (Synopsis)

Ask the Stars is a romantic story of an astronaut and an obstetrician-gynecologist doctor. Eve Kim (Gong Hyo Jin) is a Korean-American astronaut and scientist, it's been several months since she has been working on the space station due to which she is suffering from some physical illness. Since she is on an important mission so she can't leave the space station, which is a dangerous situation for her life. In all these circumstances a space tourist Gong Ryong who is an obstetrician-gynecologist by the profession arrives at the space station for space tourism purposes. Gong Ryong saves her life and later they fall in love with each other.

Ask the Stars Creators List

It is a tvN original drama, directed by famous Korean director Park Shin Woo who also has directer popular dramas like It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), Encounter (2018), Lovestruck in the City (2020), etc. and screen of the drama is written by screenwriter Seo Sook Hyang. Ask the Stars is a combined project of production companies KeyEast & MYM Entertainment. The list of all creators and crew are listed below, let's see the full list.

Ask the Stars Full Cast List

In the drama, Lee Min Ho is the male lead cast whereas Gong Hyo Jin is the female lead cast, their character names are Gong Ryong and Eve Kim respectively. Celebrities Han Ji Eun and Oh Jung Se are also playing important characters in the drama. The full cast list of the drama is mentioned below, go through the list.

Ask the Stars Bidget & Collection

It is a medium to high-budget Korean drama. The major amount of the drama has expended on the filming set of a space station and cast selections. The makers have not revealed any official figure about the budget of the drama but it is expected somewhere around  ₩50 billion. The drama is still not aired yet so there is no information available about the collections from the drama.

  • Bidget: ₩50 billion
  • Collection: Not Available

Ask the Stars Filming Location

The filming of the drama started in the month of April 2022, The major part of the drama has been filmed on a filming set of a space station. After the studio, Seoul city and coastal settlements of South Korea are also major filming locations for the drama. The makers of the drama have never disclosed any official information about the filming locations of the drama, this information has been collected from unofficial resources.

Ask the Stars Release Date

The filming and editing of the drama are in their advanced phase, the drama is set to be released in early 2023. In this section, you will get the full details about the release date of the drama but for the time being, there is no official announcement has been made about the release date of the drama from the maker's end.

  • Release Date: 2023

Ask the Stars Controversy

The makers of the drama have taken all important legal clearance related to the drama. The planning, budgeting, cast selection, and filming of the drama have been completed successfully without any major controversy. In the future, If there is any controversy related to drama arises, it will be mentioned in this section.

Ask the Stars Updates & News

This section contains the all latest updates and news about the drama. If there is any new announcement or event related to KDrama Ask the Stars, it will be updated in this section as soon as possible but for the time being, there are no recent updates to mention here.

Where to Watch KDrama Ask the Stars

KDrama drama Ask the Stars is a tvN original drama & initially, it will be aired on tvN later it will be available on several other online streaming platforms including NetFlix and Prime Video. Here you will get the full details about how you can watch this drama with paid or free subscription online once the drama is gets aired.

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