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Sherry Cola

Sherry Cola

Sherry Cola is an American actress, comedian, writer, and former radio jockey. She is best recognized for her acting in the movies Good Trouble, Endings Beginnings, and I Love Dick. Cola has established herself as a well-recognized personality in the American entertainment industry.

This article is dedicated to her career, personal and professional life, it includes everything about Sherry Cola that anyone willing to know such as her biography, education, career, movies & tv shows, her current net worth, the languages that she can speak and understand, about her personal life such as her boyfriend, husband, and relationships.

Sherry Cola Biography & Profile

Sherry Cola was born on 10th November 1989 in Shanghai, China. She moved to the USA along with her parents when she was a four-year child. Her parents found San Gabriel Valley, California the best place to nurture their family.

From her childhood Cola was a funny girl, she had the innate ability to make anyone laugh with her jokes. At an early age, her parents recognized her ability and helped her to cultivate her joke-making skills. Cola did her study in entertainment and started her career as a comedian, in 2017 she debut in the American television industry.

  • Real Name: Sherry Cola
  • Birth Date: 10 November 1989
  • Birth Place: Shanghai, China
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Comedian, Actress, Writer
  • Height: 163 CM
  • Weight: 58 Kg
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Tv Debuts: I Love Dick (2017)
  • Movie Debuts: Endings, Beginnings (2019)

Sherry Cola's Top Movies and Tv Shows

Sherry Cola started her acting career in 2017 with the American television show I Love Dick and she has done more than 8+ movies and television shows and a number of live comedy shows. Some of her most popular movies and tv shows are listed below.

  • Good Trouble (2019-Present)
  • Endings, Beginnings (2019)
  • Turning Red (2022)
  • Claws (2018-19)
  • I Love Dick (2017)
  • Transparent (2017)

Sherry Cola's Upcoming Movies & Tv Shows

This section contains the list of all upcoming movies and tv shows of actress Sherry Cola. This section is updated on a regular basis to provide better and more recent information.

Sherry Cola's Awards & Nominations

This section contains the all awards and nominations received by the actress Sherry Cola. She is working in the American entertainment industry for the past 5+ years but there are no added awards or nominations found yet in her profile. In the future, if Sherry Cola receives any awards or nominations, they will be mentioned in this section.

Sherry Cola Education

Sherry Cola was fascinated by the entertainment field since her childhood and she wanted to see herself on the big screen. According to her passion Cola acquired her major educational degree in Entertainment and Tourism from the California State University Fullerton.

Sherry Cola was raised in San Gabriel Valley, California where she did her initial and primary education. Post-primary education she attended Temple City High School where she completed her high school.

  • High School: Temple City High School
  • University: California State University Fullerton
  • Degree In: Entertainment and Tourism Studies

Sherry Cola Education

Sherry Cola Family

Sherry Cola usually does not like to communicate about her family in fact, she publically never disclosed any information about her family. According to unofficial resources her father works for a radio studio while there is no information available about her brother's name and his occupation.

  • Father Name: Not Disclosed
  • Moher Name: Not Disclosed
  • Brother Name: Not Disclosed
  • Sister Name: Not Disclosed

Sherry Cola Family

Sherry Cola Current Net Worth

Sherry Cola is a well-recognized personality in the American entertainment industry. Working as a professional actress, standup comedian, writer, and social media influencer she earns her major revenue. Sherry Cola publically never disclosed her current net worth but according to some unofficial resources her estimated current net worth is approx $7 million to $10 million US dollars.

Sherry Cola Lifestyle, Car, House, Hobbies

Sherry Cola loves to live her life with freedom and simplicity, she loves to spend time with her family and go out with friends. Cola loves to eat Indian cuisine, chocolate, coffee, and noodles. Sherry Cola does not like to communicate about materialistic things so she never disclosed any information about the car and house that she owns.

In the future, we will mention all authentic information about her car, house, and other luxury products that Sherry Cola uses to maintain her personal and professional lifestyle.

Sherry Cola Languages

This section contains the language list that she can speak and understand although she officially never disclosed any information about this. This information is collected on the behalf of her interviews and public interactions.

Sherry Cola can speak and understand several languages although English is her primary and official language, she uses English in her common communication and writing, Cola learned English from her society and family.

Sherry Cola can understand some other languages like Spanish, Mandarin, and a little bit of French but it is unknown how fluent she is in these languages. We will mention more authentic details in the future.

Sherry Cola Boyfriend

There are many misunderstandings among the people about Sherry Cola's boyfriend and relationship. This section contains accurate and authentic information about her boyfriend and relationship.

Sherry Cola usually does not like to communicate about her relationship publically. Sherry Cola officially never admits that she has a boyfriend, as of now Cola is not dating anyone and she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Sherry Cola Husband

In a television interview, she got asked about her marriage and husband, when she is getting married, and with whom. Cola smiled and said when she will marry, she will invite everyone and introduce them to her husband.

As of now, Sherry Cola is unmarried yet and she doesn't have a husband, when she will get married, In this section, all information related to her marriage and husband will be updated here.

Sherry Cola Kids

Sherry Cola neither has biological kids nor adopted kids in fact she is still unmarried. In the future, if she births a kid or adopts a kid, it will be mentioned here.

Sherry Cola Controversy

Sherry Cola tries to keep herself away from controversies, In the past several times her statement on political issues, religious, and personal things made her into small controversies. During an interview, she said, as a comedian, it is her job to point out the problems in society through her comedy & I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

Till yet Cola is able to save herself from being in major controversies, in the future if there is any major controversy related to her, it will be mentioned in this section.

Sherry Cola Latest News

In this section, you will get recent updates and news about actress and comedian Sherry Cola such as new announcements about her movies and tv shows but as of now, there are no recent updates about her to mention here.

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