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Anish Singh

Hello, my name is Anish Singh and I'm a former software developer at Zoho, now currently I'm working in Infosys. I'm going to write my personal experience of how I cleared my first job interview at Zoho, it might help someone who is preparing for a job interview at Zoho.

To understand how you should prepare for a job interview at Zoho first you should know the interview process and the type of question asked in the interview then only you can plan accordingly... Kindly note that this is not for experienced people, this is only for the freshers.

Zoho Interview Process

At Zoho, for a software developer role, there are generally 4-6 (based on location) rounds of interviews conducted. The interview rounds are mentioned below.

  • Online Assessment (Aptitude & Technical)
  • Face-to-Face Programming Test
  • Face-to-Face Advanced Programming Test
  • Technical Interview Round
  • HR Interview Round

In general, the above-listed 5 interview rounds are conducted in the Zoho hiring process, but in some cases such as off-campus drives at some colleges hiring process may vary such as Online Assessment Test, Group Discussion, Technical Round, and HR round.

Question Types in Zoho Online Assessment Test

In general, this round contains 25 to 30 questions and you will get 1 hour to solve these questions. You will be asked some questions from Reasoning and Quants and some questions about basic programming concepts and the output of given code. If you proper understanding of datatypes, loops, arrays, typecasting, etc. then this round will not be tough for you.

Question Types in Zoho Programming Test

There are two programming rounds, the 1st round is a quite normal round and 2nd round is advanced programming round. In 1st programming round, there will be 3 to 5 programming questions, and you will be given enough time to solve these questions, In my case, I was given 4 questions and 1.5 hours to solve the questions. The questions were from matrix, sting & substring, arrays, and loops. To clear this round you will need a strong basic understanding and you also need to practice advanced programming questions on these topics.

2nd Programming Round (Advance Programming)

In 1st programming round, you will be directly asked to write programs but 2nd programming round will be quite different, In this round, you will be given a scenario (requirements) and you have to find the best solution for that requirement along with code. In this round, your skills will be tested that how much you are capable to understand the given situation and the capability of providing the best solution. To clear this round you need to practice such kind of problem that you can get on different web platforms such as HackerEarth, HackerRank, Techgig, etc.

Question Types in Zoho Technical Test

In this round the random technical question will be asked that mostly will be based on OOP concepts, you will be also asked some ticky programs. If you have a good command of the basics of programming concepts and you have done practice on these ticky questions then this round will not be tough for you.

Question Types in Zoho HR Interview

According to my personal experience this round was the easiest round, to clear this round all you have to need good communication skills, if your communication skills are moderate then still it will be ok. In this round, you will be asked basic HR interview questions, some of the common HR interview questions going to list below.

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Describe who you are?
  • What do you know about Zoho?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your biggest achievement so far?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Explain, how would you be an asset to this organization?
  • Describe yourself in one word?
  • What are your goals?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

In Conclusion

To crack the Zoho placement interview you must prepare the below-listed points.

  • Aptitude, Reasoning, and Quants (Moderate Level)
  • Programming Concepts (Sting, Loops, Arrays, OOPS)
  • Data Structure & Algorithms (Moderate Level)
  • Communication Skills (Moderate Level)

Only good knowledge of programming concepts will not be enough to clear this interview, you must have to practice problem-solving and writing them in the program format.

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