How to prepare for Mountblue Technologies placement interview?

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Ankush Singh, Lives in Bangalore, India

Hi, Ankush Singh

Currently working at IBM Bangalore. At the start of 2020, I applied for MountBlue technology, and luckily I got the chance for an interview. There was a total of 5 rounds, not exactly five you can suppose it 4 rounds. The first round was a home-based hacker rank online coding test, in this test there were two coding questions. All rounds details are listed below:

Total Interview Rounds MountBlue Technology

  • Home-based online test (Hacker rank)
  • Hacker rank coding test (In office )
  • Technical Round
  • Hr Round

If you ask me about the level of question that is asked in the Interview then I would like to say that those were not easy and not too hard, exactly they were intermediate to hard means if you really want to clear the interview then you should have the proper knowledge of coding with clear coding concepts basically in the data structure, oops, and topics like string, array, and matrix. The concepts of the data structure must be very clear in the interview in MountBlue technology. I was impressed, with how they conducted the interview since it was the hiring for a developer role so they asked questions that all developers must know, they didn't ask a single question that was away from the scope of the hiring role.

If you want to develop your coding skill and if you are able to crack the interview then must join the company, you will get a lot to learn there, and in 2 years you will be a master of coding. In MountBlue there is only one problem i.e. they offer a very less salary to the fresher but it is ok it is not too less, the coding skills that you will get there that worth millions.

If you are worried about I didn't tell you anything about the HR round then let me tell you about that, according to my experience there was nothing like the HR round, at the name of the HR round they asked just my intro and then again some programming concepts and they asked to write some programs and some programming logic on paper. So if you cracked all around then there is nothing to worry about for HR, there also they will just ask some programming concepts and questions.

This was my total experience with my interview in MountBlue technology, I hope it will some of you who are reading my answer to this question. If you also attended the interview and if it was different from mine then please mention it, I would like to know what was your experience with the interview.

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