What is the series list of Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen?

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Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen | TV Series & Shows

Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen is a Thai television actor and model who was born on 27 March 2002 in Bangkok, Thailand. He made his acting debut as an actor in the television series "Friend Zone" (2018) as a guest role.

He completed his schooling at Bangkok Christian College school and now he is studying at College of the Assumption Bangrak

Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen Profile In Short

  • Full Real Name: Pahun Jiyacharoen
  • Other Nickname: Marc
  • Date of Birth: March 27, 2002 (age 18 as of 2020)
  • Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Nationality: Thai (Thailand)
  • Occupation/Profession: Actor & Model
  • Active Year: 2018-present
  • Gender: Male | Married Status: Unmarried
  • Height: 170 cm | Weight: 60 kg
  • Agency: GMMTV Production Company
  • Worth: Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen Current Net Worth

Television Series List of Pahun Jiyacharoen

  1. Friend Zone (2018)
  2. Wolf (2019)
  3. Blacklist (2019)
  4. My Gear And Your Gown (2020)

TV Show List of Marc Pahun Jiyacharoen

  1. School Rangers (2018)
  2. Off Gun Fun Night: Season 2 (2019)
  3. Jen Jud God Jig (2019)
  4. Cougar on the Prowl Special (2020)
  5. Jen Jud God Jig UP LEVEL (2020)

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