Zombie Detective Season 2: Recent Updates, Release Date, Cast List

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Zombie Detective Season 2

Zombie Detective | Korean Drama

Know everything about Zombie Detective Season 2, including the Release Date (Premiere Date), Cast List, Synopsis (Story), and all other recent updates... Zombie Detective is a South Korean horror, comedy, and fantasy drama series.

The first season premiered in September 2020 with 12 episodes on KBS2. It was initially released in the Korean language later it was dubbed into English and Hindi languages and released on several web platforms including viki.com.

Zombie Detective is a story of a Zombie named 'Kang Min-ho' (Lead Actor), one day he wakes up and discovers that he is a zombie with no memories of his past. Kang Min-ho trains himself to walk and talk like a human, he covers up his scars with makeup. Kang Min-ho assumes the identity of private detective Kim Moo-young while trying to solve the mystery of his past. A former investigative journalist named 'Gong Sun-Ji (Lead Actress) joined Moo-young’s agency as an assistant for part-time work. One day she discovers Moo-young's zombie secret and they team up to solve crimes and discover the mystery behind the existence of zombies.

What's the Release Date for Zombie Detective Season 2?

The 2nd season of the South Korean horror, fantasy, and comedy web series 'Zombie Detective' is one of the most awaited drama series. Just with one season it has gained so much popularity as it makes really been a very short time since it was released and it became a sensation and now people are actually waiting for the second season of the 'Zombie Detective' but unfortunately till now, there are no any updates about the 2nd season of the series. 

KBS Drama Production has yet to renew the show for a second season, but the first season ended in such a way that undoubtedly leaves the door open for more stories set in this universe. If it materializes, here's what we'd expect.

Who's in the cast for Zombie Detective Season 2?

Without an official Season 2 confirmation, there's no word on who will be cast in Season 2. Since season 1 has an open window for the next season and the end of the story all bring a unique perspective to the table and the second season of Zombie Detective would likely recruit the likes of Choi Jin-hyuk (Kim Moo-young/Kang Min-ho), Park Ju-Hyun (Gong Sun-JI), Kwon Hwa-Woon (Cha Do-Hyun), and there will some new faces and zombies so expect plenty of new faces for " Zombie Detective" Season 2, as well.

What's the plot of Zombie Detective Season 2?

It is too early to say about the plot of Season 2 but most likely in the next season there will be more Zombies and the story will move around them. Without an official confirmation and without a clue we can't predict the plot of season 2, Let's wait for its official confirmation.

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