What are the top Dell Boomi interview questions?



Kapil Verma

My experience of the Dell Boomi interview question

A few days back I attended the Dell Boomi interview, It was a telephonic round, The HR asked me around 12 to 15 questions based on Dell Boomi basics, environment and integration process. They informed me that I have attend the next round after 7 to 10 days at the company office face to face interview. Below I'm going to list the question that was asked to me in the telephonic round, I can't remember exactly that did they asked but still I'm mentioning a few of them.

Dell Boomi Interview Questions

  • What is the Dell Boomi?
  • What is an Integration process?
  • What is an Atom?
  • How Do I Access Atmosphere?
  • Where Are Atoms Hosted?
  • What Platforms Do I Need To Have In Order To Run Atmosphere?
  • How Does Boomi Differ From An Application Programming Interface API?
  • Do You Have Rollbacks For Changes To An Integration Process?
  • Is Any Training Required To Learn To Use Atmosphere?
  • How the Cloud-Computing is beneficial for an organization?
  • How safe is the data on Cloud?
  • Can you state a few benefits of Atmosphere technology?
  • What do you mean by a process in Boomi?
  • Name the different layers of Cloud Computing?
  • How you will send data in and out of the process in Boomi technology?

I will try to mention the details and questions which they are going to ask me in the next round. Once the next round will be completed, I will write details about that round. I hope this information will help you. Thanks...

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