What is the Amdocs interview process?

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Deepak Verma

Amdocs Interview Process –

Amdocs Interview Process completed in 4 rounds, I have recently attempted Amdocs Interview and got placed at Pune location. Here I’m going to discuss complete Amdocs Interview Process step by step, it may help someone to crack the interview.

Apply for Job –

Amdocs always receive the application on their website job portal, so if you are looking for a job in Amdocs then visit on Amdocs’s career portal and search for job-based on your location and area of interest. I applied for Associate Software Engineer position at Amdocs’s career. It was opening for fresher. After 1 week of application, I received an email in which there was a link for online test, this test was attemptable from my computer at my place. The webcam was compulsory to attempt this online test.

1st Round – Online Test

This was a home-based online test, there were 60 questions and time was 90 minutes. The questions were from. The questions were from Aptitude, UNIX, Programming, SQL and Testing sections. I can remember some more information, listed below.

  • 20 Aptitude Questions, mostly from R.S. Aggarwal
  • 20 UNIX command questions, basic commands
  • 1 Programming question, it was compulsory
  • 19 SQL and Testing questions

Note – 

The webcam was compulsory in this online test, so if you are going to attend this online test make sure your internet and your computer webcam are working properly.

If you’re selected in this online test round you will receive an email for next round in almost 1 week. In the email, they will mention the date and time for the next round at the company.

2nd Round – Face to Face Technical

This was and face to face round. In this round, a group of two members i.e. a TL and Developer will take your interview around 1 hour. The questions were from Core Java, UNIX Command, SQL and question based on your resume, whatever you have mentioned in your resume.

Note – In your resume, mention only those things, topics about which you know very well, don’t mention anything about which you don’t know properly.

3rd Round – Manager Round

After 2nd round, they are given a break, after the break they conducted manager round for 15 to 20 minutes. In this round, the questions were mostly from SQL and UNIX simple commands. This round was quite easy.

After 3rd round they said to me you can leave for the day, they will send you an email for HR round if you will be selected in 2nd and 3rd round. After 5 days of 3rd round, I got an email from Amdocs for next HR round with date and time.

4th Round – HR Round

This round was the easiest round, they asked simple HR questions like other HR interviews, at the end of interview HR said to me congratulations.. !!! you are selected, I thanked HR, The HR said to me to leave for the day and said that you will receive offer latter in within a week. So I come back, after 2 days I got a new email form Amdocs and it was my offer letter.

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