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Kjartan Hewitt Canadian Actor Biography

Kerr Hewitt, also credited professionally as Kjartan Hewitt, is a Canadian actor and writer. He won the Best Actor award at the Sicily Web Festival for his performance in the YouTube web series Clusterfuck (2018).

  • Full Name: Kerr Hewitt
  • Stage Name: Kjartan Hewitt
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Birthplace: Canada

Kjartan Hewitt biography

Acting Career of Actor Kjartan Hewitt

Kjartan Hewitt began his career by working in the entertainment industry as a teenager, on television series for the CBC and YTV. When he was 17, he began writing plays and musicals.

  • Occupation: Actor
  • Active Year: 2000-present

Popular Films By Kjartan Hewitt

  1. Capote
  2. Max Payne
  3. This Movie Is Broken
  4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  5. Nurse 3D
  6. Debug
  7. Anxietyville
  8. Cold Deck
  9. Molly's Game
  10. Clusterf*ck
  11. Goalie
  12. Demons Inside Me
  13. Learning to Love Again

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