What is the drama & series list of Dylan Wang?

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Dylan Wang | TV Series & Movies

Dylan Wang is a Chinese television actor, singer, and model who started his acting career in 2016 but he is best known for his first leading role as Daoming Si in the television series "Meteor Garden" (2018), which propelled him to fame internationally.

List of Television Series of Dylan Wang

  1. Meteor Garden (2018)
  2. Ever Night 2 (2020)
  3. Step by Step Lotus (2021)
  4. You Are My Youth (2021)
  5. The Woman who cannot fall in Love (2021)
  6. Our Southwest General University (Upcoming)
  7. Miss The Dragon (Upcoming)

List of Variety Show of Dylan Wang

  1. Super Idol (2017) on Youku
  2. The Inn 2 (2018) on Hunan TV
  3. SuperNova Games 2 (2019) on iQiyi
  4. The Irresistible (2020) on Hunan TV

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